3 Minute Competition

1st Place – 3 Minute Competition 

Marissa Coppin

Acquired Epilepsy and Adult Neurogenesis

2nd Place – 3 Minute Competition 

Elizabeth Cervantes

Quantifying the surface charges and hydrophobicities of Magnesium and Nitrogen doped biochar, sand and Escherichia coli O157:H7 and K12 cells

3nd Place – 3 Minute Competition 

William Hughes

Questionable Math: From LEGOs to Ligands

Poster Competition 

1st Place – Poster Competition 

Gabriel Upton

Optimization of Li loading on Pt/m-ZrO2 for promoting H2 selectivity in ethanol steam reforming

2nd Place – Poster Competition 

Teddy Helal

Religious and Community Norms Affecting Family Planning Uptake among Men and Women in Rural Uganda: Results from a Qualitative Study

2nd Place – Poster Competition 

Policy-Guided Susceptible-Infected-Recovered Modeling of the COVID-19 Spread in Texas

Ethan Woods

2nd Place – Poster Competition

Josiah Lozano

Maximizing Magnetic Heat Transduction for Fast Remote-Control of Temperature -Sensitive Ion Channel TRPV1

3rd Place – Poster Competition 

Elisa Carian

Investigating the Copper Mediated Dityrosine Cross-Linking of Alzheimer’s Disease Amyloid-β Plaques

Oral PowerPoint Competition 

1st Place – Oral PowerPoint Competition 

Elizabeth Cervantes 

Quantifying the transport of pathogenic and nonpathogenic Escherichia coli in Magnesium and Nitrogen doped biochar amended sand columns 

2nd Place – Oral PowerPoint Competition 

Timothy Lesgaux 

Internet of Too Many Things: creating a database of common IoT files 

3rd Place – Oral PowerPoint Competition 

Sara Valdez 

Network Analyses of Psychological Risk and Protective Factors