Thesis Presentations

Participants can attend 3-min thesis presentations in Zoom Room A.

Start TimePresentation TitlePrimary Author
1:00 PM“One plus One or Uno más Uno?” : Understanding Arithmetic Processing in BilingualsHope D. Msengi
1:05 PM003- Co-influence Among Socioeconomic Factors and Internet Infrastructure Characteristics: A Taxonomical ReviewMaria Love
1:10 PM005- Effects of Covid Pandemic on Tesla Supply Chain Distribution Network and Remedial StrategiesThao Nguyen, Matthew Silvas, Miguel Teran, Mark T. Leung, Ph.D.
1:15 PM009- Fire Ant Chemical Signaling NeuronsJacqueline Nelson
1:20 PM024- Role of Retrosplenial cortex in ReorientationNishanth Punjaala
1:25 PM032- Wireless, Non-invasive Force-Inducing Neuronal Stimulation Mediated by Magnetic NanodiscsClaudia Collier
1:30 PMApplied PsychometricsSara Valdes
1:35 PMBad Bunny: A Contemporary Latinx ActivistAnalisa Sulaica
1:40 PMBarrio Affirmation in the 21st Century: Murals of Adriana Garcia in San Antonio’s WestsideVictoria Mihalik
2:00 PMFamily, Monuments, and Racism as Heirlooms: The Southern Gothic Perspective on the Preservation of Racial TensionsXavier Richardson
2:05 PMLatina Women: A Look into Texas Public DiscourseArlae Gamez Luna
2:10 PMMachine-learning, Epidemiology and Hybrid Models: COVID-19 AccuracySebastian Velez
2:15 PMMicroglia and Multiple SclerosisAlejandra Mendez
2:20 PMOn the Postmodern ConditionSean Carroll
2:25 PMQuantifying the transport of pathogenic and nonpathogenic Escherichia coli in Magnesium and Nitrogen doped biochar amended sand columnsElizabeth Cervantes
2:30 PMStop Pointing Fingers: Assessing The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Weight Related BehaviorsKassandra G. Flores
2:35 PMUtilizing Bio-essential Elements Selenium and Tellurium in Nano-Alloys As Enhanced Cancer Therapeutic Agents.Alejandro Morales Betancourt
2:40 PMWhat does the Abu-lail lab do?Tejas Narayanan
2:45 PMFungal Pathogens that Need Attention: Candida albicans and Candida aurisMadeline R. Giner