10- Mitigation of Germs & Hygiene

Primary Author

Zachary Huertas

Additional Author(s)

Tejas Narayanan

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Ramos

Additional Mentor(s)

Dr. Gail Taylor


Bacteria are everywhere, some may be harmful, others harmless. However, precautions can still be taken to protect oneself. In this experiment, we aimed to prove the abundance of bacteria in our home environments and find an effective hand washing method to cleanse them. To test this, we observed the bacteria growth in 6 common household locations before and after a cleaning session using generic cleaning brands. We then measured the bacteria growth from 10 different hand washing techniques and their differences in cold and hot water. Our results matched our hypothesis; we found colonies of bacteria existing across our home even after cleaning and we discovered a clear standout hand-washing technique from the ten we tested. In the future, we hope to conduct more rigorous testing and expand the number of hand-washing techniques we try. We hope that the results we’ve found will influence people to take more action in mitigating contact with bacteria and developing proper hygiene.


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