17- Place-Based Education in Social Studies

Primary Author

Cameron Purifoy

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Ann Marie Ryan

Additional Mentor(s)

Dr. Guadalupe Carmona and Francesca Bronder


The following literature review introduces the impact and value place-based education has on elementary students’ capability within the classroom, developing knowledge about their communities, and reshaping their desire to learn. Elementary students may find it easier to grasp concepts by engaging in their communities and drawing their own interpretations of information outside the classroom. Place-based education expresses ‘place’ as a discipline; therefore, analyzing the following sources justifying the significant role it plays in a students’ ability to grow academically. Place-based education highlights elementary students’ experiences and enables students to become familiar with their environment. Overall the young students’ interest in engaging in their communities; also inspiring them or motivating them to pursue activities in which they experience.



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